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Welcome to TIP-sy Art Tuesdays

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

My goal is to bring Art related tips, new insights in the world of art and to share with you my art journey. This year will be the 9th year that I discovered my love for painitng! Now it's time to give back and share my experiences and what has helped me along the way.

These 3 things have helped me get through the struggles of creative blocks, depression and plain out LAZINESS. We can love something so much but still not feel MOTIVATED to start or finish projects. Sometimes I wonder why I even continue to PURSUE art. But then I think to myself and remember that I just LOVE TO PAINT and I know it's my PASSION. Deep down inside, I know it's what makes me happy and feel fulfilled in this life. So today I'm sharing with you a video of 3 ways to GET inspired as a CREATIVE artist. Although my main form of artstic expression is painting, I think that these 3 tips will help in any creative field.


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