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Using Gold Leaf for the First Time!

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

When working with new materials, I try to stay open minded because I enjoy experimenting when it comes to my art. This time around I experimented with gold leaf, which I always wanted to try. Gold leaf is a very thin layer of metal used for a varienty of different crafts.

The process of using gold leaf can be very messy but the results are definitely worth it when the final product is finished. With my latest painting, I initially planned on doing just an abstract cactus painting. But after I bought this new product, I new I just had to try it out and use it on my painting. This is how it came out.

I wanted to go for a more scruffy look for the gold leaf outline to make it look more abstract and edgy. I'm originally from the desert so I love painting succulents and cactai because it feels like home. This is my second cactus painting and I'm sure there will be more to come. But for my next painting I am going to try the gold leaf with an abstract background so stay tuned!

Here is a video of the process! Enjoy!

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