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Ups & Downs in Creativity

I catch myself often taking long breaks from creating. I can come up with a million reasons on why I do this, but I don't want to focus on excuses. I want to focus on getting my creativity back and picking up where I left off. It is the greatest feeling to be motivated and creative again. There is a sudden spark that goes off which is liberating and clarifying.

There has been a series of events that happened in my life that lead to this spark of creativity. I won't get into details, but the first half of the year was full of ups and downs... mostly downs. Now we are halfway through the year and I am now a year older. After my birthday last week, I felt a shift in my energy...similar to an Idgaf energy...and it felt good. I finished a commission that I had been working on for a while for a medical office. During that time, it took me longer than usual to finish the painting because I wasn't feeling motivated or creative, but I kept pushing through. And to be honest, after I completed the painting, I wasn't 100% satisfied with it, but I knew at some point I had to finish it. To my surprise, everyone loved it! I was very happy with the reactions of the people in the office.

Before completing this painting, I was working on other works of art but I just wasn't completing them. So I basically have a bunch of unfinished works lying around which I do plan on finishing now. What I have realized during this sudden spark of creativity that I am now feeling, is that no matter what...keep going. Although I was having so many ups and downs, I kept creating. And it resulted in making others happy through my artwork, which sparked my creativity again. Knowing that I have received so much positive feedback from the staff and the patients at the office, inspired me to feel good about creating again.

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