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about the artist

Autumn Flynn- Abstract Artist in Los Angeles

Autumn describes her style of art as eccentric, spiritual, colorful, vibrant and calming. Her paintings are filled with bold colors and design, and the subjects are continuously changing depending on her mood.


Acrylic on canvas and wood are her primary mediums, but she always experiments to expand her craft. Unless commissioned, she tends not to plan her art. Instead, she chooses colors that resonate with her current mood and let the artistic expression flow, which is what she loves about painting: there is an abundance of freedom paired with limitless possibilities.

Much of her inspiration comes from home decor, design and nature. Growing up, her mother had a natural instinct for interior design. She collected beautiful vintage vases and furniture that she would refurbish with bright colors and polish, offering a new take on the found pieces.


"Seeing all of my mothers creativity throughout my youth definitely impacted my eccentric art style" -Autumn Flynn


In addition, nature greatly influences her work. The spirit of the sky, trees, gardens and so on, can be found in the shapes, subjects, and colors present in her pieces. 

Similar to herself, her art continues to evolve. She attempts to reflect, evolve, experiment, grow, feel, and truly express through my art. "

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