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The creation of "Flower Queen "

I had so fun with this painting, mostly because I made my own canvas for the first time. Which is a lot harder than I imagined it would be. I had wood from a previous canvas, I also had a canvas drop cloth that I stapled to the wood. Afterwards, I covered the plain canvas in gesso and it became a perfect canvas to paint on. Trust me, it sounds a lot easier said than done. If I do decide to make one again, I hope it will be easier the next time.

Flower Queen is about empowering women and feeling confident enough to express ourselves without fear of what others will think. She is moving forward with confidence and surrounded by the beauty of nature to guide her in the right direction. She is resilient.

Before I got the chance to share this painting to social media, it was sold the day after I finished it. I hosted an outside art show and a woman bought it right after she saw it as a gift to her friend. It all happened within 2 minutes and I'm sure it landed in the right hands.

Right before I sold the painting, I decided to enhance it by adding a different color at the bottom of the neck and didn't get a chance to take a clear photo of the finished look, which I was ok with. I did take a picture the night before I enhanced it and will be selling prints of it. I hope this work of art inspires you all and that you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

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