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TIP-sy Art Tuesday

Becoming a Painter - Discovering which medium works BEST for you…

Acrylics, Water colors, Oil paints & Spray paint are usually MEDIUMS that most artist choose from. How do you DECIDE? They all have different outcomes and textures depending on the surfaces that you choose.

I have found that after experiencing the mediums mentioned above, that acrylics are my go to paints for CREATING artwork. Although I enjoyed the other paint types, I have found that the FLUIDITY of acrylics works best for me and my STYLE.

Acrylic paint allows me to have a VARIETY when it comes to switching up the density. Sometimes I like to do drippy backgrounds for my PAINTINGS…So by adding just a bit of water, it makes the acrylic paint have a watercolor effect which is what I love the most about it; I can dilute it or keep the paint thick.

Here are some EXAMPLES of what it looks like to use water to thin out acrylic paint for a DRIPPY watercolor look...

Flower Kisses, Metallic Guitar, Sweet Nectar.

The STYLE of art you do also plays a part when CHOOSING a medium. Watercolors work best on watercolor paper. Spray paint is good for outdoor murals and wood canvases which I enjoy using from time to time as well. But, if you want to paint on canvas I would definitely suggest acrylic or oil paint.

THANK YOU so much for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed my art tips for TIP-sy Art Tuesdays! Feel free to let me know what your FAVORITE medium is in art in the comments below.

Much Love,

Autumn Flynn

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