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Thriving Thursday!

Networking and ART!

Two years ago I sold a painting to my first CELEBRITY client! It was the most memorable and exciting moment ever! After that, I thought my career would take off as an independent artist. I figured sales would come from here and there and my business would be POPPIN!

After that sale, I figured I didn’t have to work as hard because sales would be flying in I would be able to just create art without any worries. But, that was definitely not the case. All I heard were crickets that year and I was still at my DAY job.

I then realized, it takes a lot more than selling your artwork to one celebrity to get business BOOMIN.

They say that the meaning of Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. And that’s all it was, I met the right person at that time and took advantage of the moment. There is more to networking and making sales than just promoting yourself to any and everyone. There is a special scenario that happens when you make a sale in art.

Most people talk to whoever is around and hand their cards and information out to people that they see on a daily basis, in which, there is nothing wrong with that. What I have learned is that connecting genuinely with people whether it’s at an event or just a local place is the best way to market yourself. I’ve also learned that strategy from the book by Kieth Ferrazzi “ Never Eat Alone.” It touches on the concept of genuine marketing; marketing with people that you genuinely connect with. It’s an amazing thing and it is how I made my first big sale to Desean Jackson; connecting authentically and taking our conversation about ART to the next level. Keep on thriving, shining and keep on hustling.

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