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TIP-sy Art Tuesday!

Updated: May 23, 2020

Why am I obsessed with LIP ART??

I have been in a phase....(or maybe it's not a phase) of painting LIPS. I have been asked on multiple occasions, why I like to do lip ART. The answer is very simple. I LIKE lips! There is no deep reason on why I started; I just think they are fun to paint. I love wearing lipstick so I enjoy painting different color lips and creating fun designs.

For me, they symbolize sexuality and sensuality. They are also a portal for our thought process. We think something and then our lips allow us to speak it out LOUD. There is a beauty behind the whole symbolism. It is also the organ in which we take in food…and food is essential and delicious might I say.

So the question should be...

Why wouldn’t I paint lips? They are quite powerful and a great way to express oneself; Kissing, eating, singing. I could go on but I'm sure you get the point.

I’ve created names for the 2 types of Lips that I always lean towards: Mountain Lips and Pie Lips :)

Here is a short video tutorial on how I draw and paint my lip art. I used watercolor instead of acrylics because I was drawing on paper. Enjoy.

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