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The Twilight Zone Series

Many of us have been experiencing strange feelings lately. These uncertain times are bringing out different sides in us that we never knew we had. Some are fearful, anxious and just uncomfortable. I really hope everyone is finding comforting ways to deal with this new found stress. During this quarantine I have been doing a bit more painting and it’s definitely helping me cope with all these new changes going on in the world.

Due to these new changes I wanted to create something new also; A series that is completely different from my normal style and one that expresses how I’m feeling during these precarious times. It’s called “The Twilight Zone Series.”

Normally my art is full of bold and bright colors and during this time I decided to create something completely colorless to reflect my mood. Haha I know it sounds a little dark but you have to admit, there are some weird things going on and so much information about our world that’s being thrown our way that we have little control over. I’m sure it has many people feeling a bit gloomy.

So this colorless 3 piece series expresses exactly that. There is a certain melancholy feeling about the series but it also expresses hope for better days to come which I hope will be here soon. Here are the paintings from the series. I hope you enjoy.


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